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What is Osprey-VLE?

Learn it, remember it!

Osprey-VLE is a timeline suited to the way we learn today. It allows you to log anything you learn online. Then you might discuss it with your tutor via the comments system, talk it over with friends, shout about it or keep it private. You’re in control.

Watched a great YouTube or Khan Academy tutorial and want to add it? Just click the “I Learned This!” button in your browser. Simple!

Stumped about a course module on the Coracle platform? Just click the reminder statement “I want to come back to this” then move on and return when you’re ready.

Got 10 out of 10 in your test? It’ll show up in your Learning Line.

Milestones on your lifelong learning journey

After a while, you’ll build up a picture of your own progress on your Learning Line. You can use it to spot your own weaknesses and strengths, chart your new skills, and maybe occasionally look back with a sense of pride at how far you’ve come!

We’ve added a few whizzy graphs and meters so you can keep track of lessons you want to come back to, and courses can have badges and other milestones to help you along the learning journey. Your Learning Line can be private, viewable only to the people you choose (such as tutors or classmates), or an open book.

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